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Here we are making the most important leaflets on hedgehog rescue available online. You can download and print out a blank hedgehog care record sheet, as well as an extract from the German legal requirements which must be complied with to ensure appropriate hedgehog care. In addition there are texts (and a recommendation) for specialists, in particular, the book for veterinary surgeons "The Hedgehog in the Vet’s Practice". All the publications are in German. We can make available some texts in other European languages on request – please write to us if you are looking for something – we may be able to help!

You will need Acrobat-Reader to read the texts. A mouse click on the image opens the full text.

You can obtain all our publications from our sales office or with the (German) Online order form.

Not every hedgehog needs help – but every rescue must be appropriate!

Information sheets (in German language) on hedgehog rescue

Each of our leaflets provides 8 pages in colour of information about hedgehogs with practical guidance on appropriate hedgehog rescue and advice on hedgehog conservation.

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Hedgehogs in the wild Hazards recognised –
hazards removed!
Nest boxes &
feeding houses

Wildtier Igel

Gefahr erkannt - Gefahr gebannt!

Unterschlüpfe und Futterhäuser

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Care of hedgehogs
in need of help
Feeding of hedgehogs
in need of help
Rearing orphaned
hedgehogs (hoglets)

Pflege hilfsbedürftiger Igel

Ernährung hilfsbedürftiger Igel

Aufzucht verwaister Igelsäuglinge

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Autumn Juveniles
in Need of help
Hibernation of Hedgehogs
in Human Care
Releasing Hedgehogs
back into the Wild

Hilfsbedürftiger Jungigel im Herbst

Winterschlaf in menschlicher Obhut

Auswilderung von Igelpfleglingen

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Extract from German
Legal Regulation
Hedgehog Care
Record Sheet

Rechtsvorschriften zu Igelschutz und Igelhilfe


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Specialist publications for vets and hedgehog rescue centres (in German language)

We provide relevant (German) publications for veterinary surgeons and rescue centres working closely with their vets. We recommend a book written by a veterinary surgeon with an extensive experience of hedgehogs "Igel in der Tierarztpraxis" (The Hedgehog in the Vet’s practice) for the current state of medical knowledge about hedgehogs. We refer to the CD on the diagnosis and treatment of parasitoses and mycoses of the hedgehog as a "recommendation" – the publication is not online. The CD can be ordered with a mouse click on the image on our Online order form. If you are interested in a paper file of that CD in English, please contact the German regional hedgehog society "Arbeitskreis Igelschutz Berlin".

New 2018

The hedgehogs in
the vet’s practice
New 2016
The building & organisation
of a hedgehog rescue centre
New 2016
Wurfzeiten und
Wurfgrößen der Igel
in Deutschland

Igel in der Tierarztpraxis

Bau und Organisation Igelstation

Wurfgoessen und Wurfzeiten der Igel in Deutschland

New 2016
Litter Sizes and
Breeding Seaons of
Hedgehogs in Germany
New 2018
Parasitosen und
Mykosen des Igels
New 2018
Mikroskopieren am
eigenen Mikroskop

Litter Sizes and Breeding Seasons of Hedgehogs in Germany

Parasitosen und Mykosen des Igels

Mikroskopieren am eigenen Mikroskop

New 2019
Dokumentation der
Fachtagung 2018
New 2019
New 2019

Dokumentation der Fachtagung 2018

Igelfreundlicher Garten

Industrielles Futter - fur Igel geeignet?

On the subject of exotic hedgehogs as pets

According to our constitution, Pro Igel e.V. cannot campaign actively for these exotic hedgehogs which are kept as "pets" and unfortunately are becoming increasingly "fashionable". We campaign for the native hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus Linné 1758). Pro Igel categorically rejects the keeping of exotic hedgehogs in captivity. The information we have to hand vehemently argues against the purchase and keeping of such hedgehogs – which are mostly African white-bellied hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris). For the information of dedicated hedgehog conservationists and animal lovers who are asked about exotic hedgehogs as pets, with the authors’ permission we have published, a report (in German language) by Dr Ditte and Giovanni Bandini.

Bericht D. u. G. Bandini

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