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If you want to learn about hedgehogs and hedgehog rescue, or if you want to research into hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus Linné 1758), you will need books, further specialist reading and all types of media. We have made a selection of recommended titles in several european languages for all age groups.

We also offer public access to PrIgLiDat - Pro Igel’s Literature Database.

Some of the publications are available from bookshops, but others are only obtainable second-hand. All the books and articles should be available on loan from libraries.

PrIgLiDat - Pro Igels Literature Database

At present the database of hedgehog literature contains about 1300 books and articles: technical scientific literature makes up the greatest part of the listed works, specialised books and children’s books about hedgehogs are also included.

It is very easy to search, for instance, you can look for titles, keywords and authors in Pro Igel's Literature Database

Recommended reading in Germann
  • Das Igel-Praxisbuch. By Monika Neumeier
    Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart.
    ISBN 3-440-08954-1 | EUR 12,90
  • Igel im Garten. By Monika Neumeier
    Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart.
    ISBN 978-3-440-14246-2 | EUR 7,99
  • Igel gefunden - was nun? By Claudia Biermann
    Cadmos-Verlag, Brunsbek.
    ISBN 978-3-86127-079-9 | EUR 10,95
  • Der igelfreundliche Garten. By Wolf Richard Günzel
    pala-Verlag, Darmstadt.
    ISBN 978-3-89566-250-8 | EUR 9,90
  • Das Igel-Buch. Fabeln, Geschichten. By Ditte and Giovanni Bandini
    DTV-Verlag, München.
    ISBN 3-423-20471-0 | EUR 8,50
  • Der Igel. By Dr. Maartje Schicht-Tinbergen
    G. Fischer Verlag, Jena.
    (nur noch antiquarisch oder über Pro Igel e.V. erhältlich)
  • Die Ernährung des Igels. By Susanne Struck and Helmut Meyer
    Schlütersche Verlags-Gesellschaft, Hannover.
    (out of print - only available second-hand)

Good Children’s Books in German

  • Stachel - Erlebnisse eines Igels. By Maartje Schicht-Tinbergen and Heli Ihm
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B.
    ISBN 978-3-940377-05-0 | EUR 7,50 | bestellen
  • Stadtigel Raschelbein. By Eckhard Bahr
    art.Hour, Dresden. ISBN 978-3-940475-05-3 | EUR 12,80 | bestellen
  • Igel - mein kleines Buch der Tiere. Von Ulli Seewald
    Von dem Knesebeck-Verlag, München.
    ISBN 978-3-86873-127-9 | EUR 9,95
  • Igel - Stacheltiere in unserer Nachbarschaft. By Ludger Buse and Robert Meyer
    Ed. Liberación, Georgsmarienhütte.
    ISBN 3-923792-45-X | EUR 14,90
  • Igel komm, ich nehm dich mit! By Thilde Michels
    DTV-Verlag, Frankfurt/M.
    ISBN 3-423-75006-5 | EUR 6,50

  • Wie kleine Igel groß werden. By Friederun Reichenstetter
    Arena-Verlag, Würzburg.
    ISBN 3-401-08969-2 | EUR 12,95
  • Der Igel. By G. Jeunesse and Pierre de Hugo
    Meyers Lexikon-Verlag, Mannheim.
    ISBN 3-411-07035-8 | ca. EUR 6,00
  • Igel – Stachlige Urtiere. By Claudia Knoblach, ill. by Gregor Schöner
    Benny Blu - Kinderleicht Wissen Verlag, Regensburg
    Edition in co-operation with Pro Igel e.V.
    ISBN 3-88570-070-5 | EUR 1,99 | bestellen

Recommended Books in Foreign Languages


  • Hedgehogs. By Nigel Reeve
    Verlag Poyser Ltd., London.
    ISBN 0-85661-081-X | (out of print - only available second-hand)
  • New hedgehog book
  • Everything you want to know about hedgehogs. By Dilys Breese
    Midsummer Books, London.
    ISBN 1-90732-00-9
  • The Natural Hedgehog. By Lenni Sykes & Jane Durrant
    Verlag Gaia Books Ltd., London.
    ISBN 0-85675-042-6
  • The new hedgehog book. By Pat A. Morris
    Whittet Books, London.
    ISBN 1-873580-71-1
  • A prickley affair. By Hugh Warwick
    Penguin Books, London.
    ISBN 978-1-846-14065-5



  • La vie du hérisson. By Pat Morris & Guy Berthoud
    Delachaux & Niestlé, Paris.
    ISBN 2-603-00863-3
  • Le hérisson. By Guy Berthoud & Marie-Paule Vignault
    La Hulotte, Paris. - (La Hulotte; No. 77)
  • Le hérisson, boule de piquants. By Joelle Pichon
    Patte a Patte, Milan.
    ISBN 2-86726-916-4


Egels in den tuin
  • Egels in de tuin. By Monika Neumeier
    Tirion, Baarn, NL.
    ISBN 90-5210-296-1
  • Egels rollen zich op. By Joelle Pichon
    Casterman, Niederlande.
    ISBN 90-303-2041-9


  • Barnas bok om piggsvin. Von Beate Johansen
    Damm, Norwegen.
    ISBN 82-517-8941-9

Audio visual media
  • Igel - Heimliche Gefährten der Nacht
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B. CD-ROM with 16 page handbook in presentation pack
    ISBN 3-9806708-6-4 | EUR 15,- | order

    The first educational programme about hedgehogs with many practical hints and guidance for projects on biology, behaviour, habitat, hazards, hedgehog conservation and rescue. The multimedia-CD-ROM has been awarded a Comenius Seal for outstanding educational software.

  • Parasitosen und Mykosen des Igel
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B. CD-ROM with an 8 page accompanying leaflet in presentation pack
    ISBN 3-9806708-8-0 | EUR 15,- | order

    An essential CD-ROM for veterinary surgeons, universities and veterinary colleges, veterinary students and nurses, hedgehog rescue centres and hedgehog carers, in fact for anyone who carries out hedgehog faecal examinations under the microscope.

  • Igel-Leben
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B. VHS-Videokassette (30 Min.)
    ISBN 3-9806708-3-X | EUR 13,50 | order

    A video film about hedgehogs: Eckhard Bahr, the wildlife film producer from Dresden, accompanied hedgehogs for 2 years on their often secret journeys. Gripping observations illuminating the biology and behaviour of this native creature.

Research Theses

    Research into hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus Linné 1758) is essential for the acquisition of knowledge and for proper hedgehog care. Pro Igel recommends – and encourages – studies which contribute to the advancement of knowledge about hedgehogs.

  • Ergebnisse von Freilandbeobachtungen sowie von parasitologischen und bakteriologischen Untersuchungen bei in menschlicher Obhut überwinterten juvenilen Igeln (Erinaceus europaeus L., 1758). Forschungsgruppe Igel Berlin: Manfred Schubert
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B. | EUR 13,- | order

    A long term project, which proved as did other studies, that hedgehogs over-wintered in captivity normally do well after their release back into the wild and reproduce.

  • Die Ernährung des Igels. By Susanne Struck.
    Thesis Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover 1998.
  • Untersuchungen zur Zusammensetzung der Igelmilch und zur Entwicklung von Igelsäuglingen. By Elisabeth Landes u.a.
    Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover 1997. Published in: Kleintierpraxis; Vol. 42,8.
  • Aktivität sowie Habitat- und Raumnutzung von Igeln Erinaceus europaeus in einem ländlichen Siedlungsgebiet. By Robert Zingg
    Thesis Universität Zürich 1994.
  • Untersuchungen zu Igelpfleglingen ausgewählter deutscher Igelstationen und Erfolge der Therapie aus den Jahren 1984 bis 2006. Von Bernadette Kögel
    Dissertation Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover 2009.
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B. 2009. ISBN 978-3-940377-02-9 | EUR 17,50 | bestellen
  • Dokumentation der 3. Fachtagung Rund um den Igel: Münster 2009
    Pro Igel e.V., Lindau/B. 2010. ISBN 978-3-940377-09-8 | EUR 11,50 | bestellen
Collection of Data for Hedgehog Research

We collect data for research to advance our knowledge about hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus Linné 1758) and ask for your support.

For several years the breeding times and sizes of litters of hedgehogs in Germany have been studied. We also need to know more about albino hedgehogs. Learn more and please join in by answering the questionnaires. Thank you for your co-operation in advance! Read more under Hegdehog research.


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