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  • Publisher:

    Pro Igel, Verein für integrierten Naturschutz Deutschland e.V.

  • Register of associations:

    District court Kempten/Allgäu, Registernumber: VR 30459

  • President:

    Wedemhove 120
    48157 Münster/Westf.
    Phone: 0251 – 324783
    Fax: 0251 – 2841 896
    Mail: vorstand@pro-igel.de

  • Shipment of publications:

    Lange Str. 16
    49152 Bad Essen
    Phone:05471 – 9738236
    Fax: 0251 – 2841 896
    Mail: info@pro-igel.de

  • URL:


  • Representatives:

    President: Mrs. Ulli Seewald, Münster/Westf.
    Mail: vorstand@pro-igel.de
    1. Vice-chairman: Maja Langsdorff, Osterholz-Scharmbeck
    2. Vice-chairman: Heike Philipps, Zánka, Ungarn

  • Responsible according §6 MDStV (German "Mediendienstestaatsvertrag"):

    Ulli Seewald, Münster/Westf.
    Mail: online-redaktion@pro-igel.de

  • Editorial, texts, design & realisation:

    Ulli Seewald, Münster/Westf.

  • Editorial advice, texts:

    Monika Neumeier, Lindau/Bodensee

  • English translation:

    Dru Burdon, Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain

  • Script programming:

    Jürgen Ottopal, Rosenheim (Online order form)
    Burkard Rosenberger, Munster/Westf. (Search "Igel-Bulletin")
    Matthias Goden, University of Munster/Westf. (Litw3: Open source program for webbased literature management, used for Pro Igel's literature database PrIgLiDat)

  • Disclaimer:

    Pro Igel e.V. regularly checks and updates the information on this website. However, Pro Igel.e.V. cannot be liable for or guarantee that the information accessible via this website is current, accurate, complete or available. Pro Igel e.V. is not responsible for the content of other sites which are linked to this site by Hyperlink (URL). This declaration applies to all external links to other sites contained in our web pages. Please refer to the appropriate information provider.

  • Copyright:

    The layout, all the graphics, photographs and text are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced. Legal copyright regulations apply. Exception: Pro Igel e.V. press releases, on the "Our Society" page may be reproduced with the permission of Pro Igel e.V.

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